DEM Museums

DEM Museums is a museum management and visual art design company that stands out globally by leveraging technology to embrace the experiential and interactive museum trend. With over 32 years of experience, DEM Museums, established within the “Astel Companies Group” has successfully undertaken numerous projects nationally and internationally, aims to narrate the story of architectural heritage and art using the latest technology and creative language. The group has contributed to various sectors, from the emergence of private television in our country to the TV broadcasting industry, electronic security, professional audiovisual systems, the introduction of digital cinemas, transportation, high-security venue solutions, hotel management, and the digitization of tourism facilities, where the group has provided comprehensive solutions from design to project planning, hardware to software, and continue to offer post-installation maintenance, service, and operation services for the projects they have brought to life.

Working with international companies and experts in museum curation, architecture, art, history, visual experience design, archaeology, and technology, DEM Museums strives to design and implement new-generation museums that tell the story of architectural, artistic, and cultural heritage. Having opened the Hagia Sophia History and Experience Museum and the Ephesus Experience Museum in 2023, DEM Museums continues its endeavors in new fields both in Türkiye and worldwide.

These projects, Türkiye’s first technology-focused historical experience museums, push the boundaries of the interactive museum concept, leading global trends. The museums communicated internationally by DEM Museums, also contribute to promoting our country abroad.

Museum Curation

  • • Historical Research
  • • Concept and Storytelling
  • • Scriptwriting
  • • Thematic Design and Visualization
  • • Artistic Design
  • • Artifact Collection Management

Architectural Design

  • • Functional Planning
  • • Artifact Collection Requirements
  • • Aesthetic Design
  • • Visitor Experience and Navigation
  • • Environmental Sustainability
  • • Technological Integration

Technology Provision and Design
(Hardware & Software)

  • • Cultural Architectural Lighting
  • • Design and Implementation of Concept-Specific Image Systems
  • • Immersive Sound Systems
  • • AI Supported Security and CRM Systems
  • • AR Supported Content Production

Museum Operations

  • • Ticketing and Payment Infrastructure
  • • Security
  • • Operations
  • • Remote Access and Central Control Network Operations Center
  • • SLA Management

Marketing and Sales

  • • Creating Brand Identity
  • • Sales Channel Development
  • • Promotional Activities

Hagia Sophia History & Experience Museum

Hagia Sophia, one of the most significant monumental architectural works standing to this day, holds a unique place both for its architecture and grandeur, as well as its functionality.

Located in the renowned Defter-i Hakani (Imperial Registery) Office building in Sultanahmet, the Hagia Sophia History and Experience Museum, spanning approximately 3200 m2 of enclosed space across 13 halls, narrates the 1700-year history of Hagia Sophia.

In the museum, Hagia Sophia’s Eastern Roman and Ottoman periods are compellingly portrayed through immersive visual and auditory displays, supported by the latest technologies, offering narration in 23 different languages. Additionally, the museum features four sections showcasing a significant portion of Hagia Sophia’s collection, including artifacts exhibited for the first time from different periods: Church, Mosque, Museum, and back to Mosque. Moreover, from the ground floor windows of the building, a cistern from the Eastern Roman era can be observed.

The Hagia Sophia History and Experience Museum provides a unique experience for those who wish to immerse themselves in the rich history of Ayasofya from a holistic perspective.

Ephesus Experience Museum

The ancient city of Ephesus, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, stands as one of the best-preserved archaeological cities in human history. The story of Ephesus, a valuable treasure recounting the daily life, trade, religious rituals, cultures, and arts of the ancient Mediterranean civilization, is narrated to visitors in 16 different languages through the Ephesus Experience Museum, situated right across from the Ephesus Ancient Theatre within the ancient city.

The Ephesus Experience Museum employs emerging immersive technologies, gaining popularity globally and in Türkiye, to virtually transport visitors into the daily life of ancient Ephesus, almost in a real encounter. Immersive technologies envelop viewers in a rich, inclusive, and compelling auditory and visual experience.

The visual stories presented by the museum, intertwining myth and reality, take visitors to the ancient streets, festivals, temples, houses, markets, and bazaars of Ephesus during its ancient era. Visitors encounter the city’s famous figures, from its founder Androclus to Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius, and from Artemis to Saint Paul. They embark on a magical journey inside the Temple of Artemis, stroll along Harbor Street, and visit the Terrace Houses.


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