Ephesus Experience Museum Visiting Regulations

The Museum’s website carries an extensive range of information for visitors at www.demmuseums.com. These visitor regulations provide for the safety, wellbeing and security of our staff, visitors, collection and premises. It is an entry condition to comply with visitor regulations at the Ephesus Experience Museum

1. Admission
1.1 We warmly welcome you to the Museum and wish you an enjoyable visit and an excellent experience.
1.2 Admission to the Museum is charged.
1.3 Keep your ticket until the end of the museum tour.
1.4 We regret that it may be necessary, for example in the interests of security or public safety, for us to alter the Museum’s opening hours or close specifc areas of the Museum at any time, and without prior notice.
1.5 If it should be necessary to close all or part of the Museum temporarily for any reason, we may direct you to leave by certain routes, or prevent you from leaving by certain routes.
1.6 The sounds and effects used in our display areas for the young age group can cause discomfort and cause some health problems. We emphasize that the 0-8 age group will not be admitted to the museum, as it is important for the sessions to maintain the silence in our exhibition areas during the experience.
1.7 For our disabled visitors using wheelchairs, it is recommended to visit with the companion in order to experience the exhibiting areas in our Museum comfortably.
1.8 The visual show may have a negative impact on visitors with conditions such as epilepsy and vertigo.

2. Opening Hours
2.1 Museum open daily from 08.00am–23.30pm.
2.2 The Museum’s Cafe and Shop sections are open from 08.00am until 23.30pm.
2.3 The museum is open on religious holidays and/or special days. The dates when the museum will be closed are to be announced on www.demmuseum.com; opening times and sessions may change with it.

3. Museum Regulations General Information
The Museum can become very crowded at times. You are asked to be patient and considerate to other visitors.
3.1 It is a condition of entry that you abide by these visitor regulations. Our visitor services staff may request contact information to facilitate visitor inquiries. At any time, you can opt out of participating in research that will help us improve your visiting experience by unsubscribing from our e-mail list.
3.2 When starting your museum visit, make sure that your audio guide device given by our museum staff, is turned on, the headphones are plugged in, and the correct language is selected for your language selection. Do not connect your personal headphones or a headset similar to the one you brought with you to the audio guide device or try to make it compatible. Your headphones given by our staff during your experience, it has been prepared with the necessary technical equipment in order to provide our visitors with the maximum efficiency experience in accordance with our external voice and content voiceovers in the Museum sessions.
3.3 We have foreign language options as Turkish, English, Spanish, Russian and Arabic.
3.4 You are asked not to use your phone to make calls in Museum exhibition areas, and to mute your phone during the sessions and exhibition areas.
3.5 You are not allowed to consume food and drink inside the Museum, except in designated place such as the Museum cafe. Please dispose of your uneaten food and packaging responsibly and, it is strongly requested to remove/dispose of plastic bottles, packages of food, beverages and all kinds of food to the garbage areas.
3.6 No changes, cancellations or refunds can be made to the purchased tickets, except for the exceptional case. These exceptional situations are: disaster, flood, fire, etc.
3.7 In your museum experience, follow the tour you are in between sessions with your museum tour guide and do not stay behind in terms of timing from other visitors.
3.8 During your museum experience, keep your headphones plugged in with your audio guide device and do not separate your audio guide device with you
3.9 If you think you have any problems with your audio guide device, report this to our museum staff immediately.
3.10 If you have any sensitivity and health problems because you will be exposed to sudden light, dark environment, fast transitions contents and loud sound during our sessions in our exhibition areas, we strongly ask you to consider these conditions before your museum experience.
3.11 If you have any health problems during our sessions, report your situation to our museum staff immediately.
3.12 Follow the directions of our museum staff and do not speak loudly while wearing your headphones and avoid disturbing other visitors.
3.13 Do not wait for a long time during the sessions in the exhibition areas and make sure that your smart devices are in airplane mode, do not use the bright screen view (true tone full mode off) on your devices and make sure that the notification / sound settings of your devices are turned off.
3.14 Please do not talking on your phones during the sessions.
3.15 We emphasize that the contents exhibited in the museum may differ at different times.
3.16 During your museum experience, considering the dark environments and opening times of the curtains in the transitions between the display areas, we strongly state that you keep your valuables with you and that our museum is not responsible in any theft and stolen situations that may occur.
3.17 When your session experience in our exhibition areas is over, hand over your headphones and audio guide device to our museum staff / leave the audio guide devices at our drop-off point.
3.18 Your safety and the safety of our staff are our top priority, please follow these guidelines to help us ensure a safe visit for everyone.
3.19 Since the language in which your headphones is set cannot be changed again during your experience, you are kindly requested to check accordingly. After your experience, you are kindly requested to leave your headphones and audio guide devices to the relevant drop-off points to avoid problems caused by alarm systems on your devices.
3.20 Act with the group on the tour you are in during the session. Follow the directions of the museum staff, kindly do not speak loudly and do not block other people’s field of vision.
3.21. When you enter the museum or one of our exhibition areas, you are kindly requested to allow our security guards to search your bags.
3.22. Our Visitor Services and Security staff can be recognized by their Ephesus identity cards. As museum staff, they have the authority to require you to comply with such visitor regulations or any instructions given under them.

3.23 DEM MUSEUMS reserves the right to prevent or remove the visitor from entering the Museum in the following cases:
• The entry ticket is not issued by an authorized institution or DEM MUSEUMS,
• The visitor is clearly under the influence of alcohol, drugs and substances with similar effects,
• The visitor is doing disturbing behavior or disturbing the peace of other visitors, he is asked to leave the museum,
• The visitor wants to enter the museum building barefoot or part of his body naked,
• The visitor carries rifles, firearms, explosive or flammable substances, chemical and toxic substances, spelled and / or sharp-tipped weapons,
• The visitor does not allow the bag or other items to be scanned for security,
• Inappropriate behavior such as noise and sexual harassment, theft, etc.
• Tries to disturb peace by displaying words and behaviors involving aggressive, threatening, racist discourses or insults,
• Wears insulting, racist, threatening discourses or inappropriate clothing,
• Intentionally desired to damage artifacts or technical equipment,
• Tries to enter restricted areas or if the emergency exit alarm and doors are used outside the emergency,
• There is no entry area at the specified date and time on the reservation,
• An entrance ticket cannot be shown in the controls that can be made within the experience area.

3.24 Depending on our Museum policies and initiative, we may ask our security officers to make more general searches as a condition of entry to the Museum. The reason for the search will be explained and the search will be conducted by security guards of the same gender as the visitor.
3.25 In the security search areas at the museum entrances, a list of items that we do not allow to be brought to the Museum is shown. If security guards find a similar item to anyone listed in the list (objects, visual electronic panels, which may pose a risk to buildings, personnel or other visitors) when searching in your bag, it will give you back when you leave the museum after your museum experience. You can use the lockers for your valuables, take the lock of your closet with you, if you lose the lock, please inform our museum staff about the situation. If our Museum Security Officers find something illegal in your bag, they confiscate it and deliver it to the police.
3.26 a. The Museum Security Unit can limit the number of people allowed to enter the museum building and the museum building at any time or for any reason.
b. Our museum management has the right to refuse to provide services to those who exhibit the specified behavior and to ask them to leave: people who exhibit aggressive behavior, provoke people, people are not conscious, drunk or have a substance effect, etc.
3.27 If our visitors do not comply with these rules and object, if the Security Officer believes that they may pose, disturb or give risks to other visitors, our staff, the collection or the Museum property, the visitor in question may be refused to enter the Museum, be asked to leave, or be accompanied to leave the Museum.
3.28 Evidence for age determination may be requested for the application of age restrictions in the museum or for entry into some events.
3.29 When leaving the Ephesus Experience Museum, you are asked to leave the building quietly, showing the necessary respect by thinking about the people around.
3.30 Please do not forget that we will not tolerate violence or harassment against any member of our staff and that failure to comply with the legal instructions of our security personnel may put you at risk of criminal charges.

4.Regulations to be followed in Experience and Session Areas
4.1. No commercial photographs or video recordings can be made unless prior written permission is obtained from the relevant locations. Photos and videos taken for personal use are accepted in the museum. It is strongly requested not to shoot with flash.
4.2. It is forbidden to use any light or sound devices that can adversely affect the experience of laser pointer or other visitors.
4.3. It is forbidden to use hand cameras with flash and 3D imaging software (including smartphones) audio and movie recording equipment.
4.4. Lights, loud sound, fast transitions contents and effects, lights and smoke machines can be used during the experience. If you are sensitive to these and there are elements that will trigger your health problems, please do not enter the experience areas of our museum.
4.5. Some images and sounds can trigger epilepsy seizures. If you feel that you are doing dizziness, loss of vision, loss of consciousness, twitching eyes or muscles, involuntary movements, ask the officer to leave the exhibition hall in the direction our museum staff show.
4.6. When taking photos in the museum, you must respect the privacy of other visitors. If a visitor complains that your photos, social media record is disturbing, you may be asked to stop shooting or leave the museum.
4.7. The use of ‘selfie stick, tripod’ (or similar devices) is not allowed within the museum.
4.8. The museum is watched with a 24-hour camera and images are recorded for security reasons.
4.9. You should be aware that we operate a safe, closed-circuit Camera Tracking System across the Museum for the public good for the protection and security of our visitors, staff and property. For more details, please see our CCTV Policy on our website.

5.Behaviors Not to be Made for Museum and Visitor Security
In terms of Visitors’ Individual Security, you should not:
5.1 Smoking anywhere in the museum (also includes the use of all electronic cigarette products in question),
5.2 Running in the museum, especially in the areas of experience and display or on the stairs,
5.3 Sitting on any ladder or step,
5.4 Blocking or blocking the Entry/Exit doors in any way,
5.5 Leaving children over 8 years old in your care unattended or allowing them to act incompatible,
5.6 Touching, wetting, damaging any screen in the fields of experience and display,
5.7 Climbing, drawing, damaging the texture of the building, including walls, barriers and columns,
5.8 Not taking into account the security signs or obstacles placed for public protection,
5.9 Not taking into account alarms or any instructions for emptying the museum,
5.10 Using any laser marker or laser pen (power supply and small handheld devices) emitting a very narrow consistent, low power laser beam for any purpose within the museum,
5.11 Talking on your phones,
5.12 Entering restricted areas within the museum, touching screen works, walls and other equipment,
5.13 Opening a banner, trying to harm the Museum using all kinds of pointed objects, sticks, umbrellas, poles or any other object,
5.14 If you do not comply with any part of this regulation, you may be asked to leave the Museum.

6. Session Groups
6.1 For session groups (groups of 10 or more adults visiting the museum together) must be booked in advance using the group reservation section of the Museum official website.
The passage of all session groups through the turnstiles should be ensured in accordance with the guidance of the museum staff.
No one can sell services as an exhibition guide or speaker, except for our authorized staff within the museum.
Speakers, sound amplifiers or microphones should not be used by tour guides or group leaders when managing session groups. The leaders of the guides and tour groups are also below 9.1. they should pay particular attention to their regulations.
Email: booking@demmuseums.com
Contact number: 0850 346 3336

7. Fire Alarms
7.1 Fire Alarms in the museum will be activated by our museum staff in case of fire.
7.2 Our fire alarm provides two audible signals.
7.3 A continuous alarm signal means that you have to evacuate the Museum and leave the nearest free exit immediately. The staff will keep you informed of the alarm and guide you away from the free-affected areas. If you need help to evacuate the museum, you can get help from our museum staff.
7.4 An intermittent signal is a preliminary warning for staff, and you do not have to leave the Museum unless the signal turns into an evacuation signal.
7.5 In case of free evacuation, the system will be closed immediately. You must follow our evacuation instructions. Staff will help you get your belongings from the lockers as soon as possible after the Museum reopens.

8. Access to Non-Visitor Areas

8.1. If you are found by staff in a non-public or enclosed area without authorization, you will be asked to disclose your presence and prove your identity. Our staff in the museum building.

9. Lockers
9.1 You should not bring luggage larger than 40x40x50 cm or heavier than 8 kg to the museum. (Action-assisted tools for our disabled visitors are not included in this section)
9.2 Wheeled bags (rolled suitcases) are not allowed inside the Museum.
9.3 Access to private display areas may be subject to additional restrictions on bags and suitcases.

10. Lost and Found
10.1 You should not leave any of your belongings in the middle, including open spaces in the museum. We reserve the right to remove and/or destroy your unattended belongings without any warning on behalf of safety and public order. Our Museum is not responsible for the consequences that will arise due to the loss, removal, theft or elimination of any article you leave unattended.
10.2 Unclaimed or forgotten items are stored in accordance with our lost and found operating procedure.

11. Food and Beverage

11.1 Apart from the Museum’s Cafe areas, you are not allowed to consume food and drink within the Museum. Please dispose of your unused food and packaging in a way that will not cause any spillage or deterioration.
11.2 Visitors can benefit from the services provided by the Museum Cafe/Shop and can purchase Souvenirs/Gifts.

12. Pets

12.1. Unless there is a disabled visitor accompanied by a guide, assistant or companion animal, animals are not accepted into the Museum under any circumstances. 12.2 Owners should bring the companion dog’s Assistance Dogs (Help Dogs) ID book (or its appropriate international equivalent) with them.

13. Event / Exhibition Requests
13.1. Exhibition/photo/film shooting etc. within the museum or outside the Museum building. If you consider doing events, you should contact our Corporate Communication Unit in advance. Our museum can set some conditions for such events in order to enjoy safety, security and other visitors’ visits.

14. Visitor Relations Satisfaction
14.1. Our Customer Relations Unit will gladly answer questions, opinions and comments from our visitors:
a.Email booking@demmuseums.com
b.Send us a message at facebook.com/demmuseum
c. tweet @demmuseum
Ephesus Experience Museum

Ephesus Ancient City, Selçuk / İzmir, Türkiye

15. Changes

15.1. We may change our service offering or amend these visitor arrangements from time to time. We recommend checking the Museum official website for our latest visitor information before visiting. In accordance with our directive, these regulations in 2023’ are marked as information document.